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Neighbors trying to help dog roaming Colonial Heights park

Posted at 6:33 PM, Dec 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-06 18:33:18-05

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- People are uniting to help a dog spotted roaming a park in Colonial Heights, and some believe he was dumped by his owners.

Animal Control hopes they'll soon be able to "trap" the dog, and get him out of the cold elements and examined by a veterinarian.

"Just want him out of the rain,” said Jessica Wilson, who didn't mind getting rain-soaked Tuesday, if the time spent doing so meant getting one step closer to the dog.

"He is really handsome,” Wilson said. “I'd take him home if he'd just get in the car."

That’s the problem though no one can get close enough to get a hand on him.

The mix breed dog was first spotted at this park on Archer Avenue, last Monday.

"Yesterday I got here and the dog looked at me and ran up to me, a little bit and as soon as I said something, he ran away,” Gary Moulton said.

Many believe the dog was left here on purpose, so when a photo of the dog surfaced on Facebook, it sent a wave of support towards the river where he's living.

"I went down there this morning, I did, I hollered at him to see if he'd come to me and he wouldn't, a little skittish and stayed a good 60 feet away from me,” said Sean Voigt.

Wilson used a mix of food to try and coax him to within arms reach.

"This is some Blue Buffalo and some wet soggy bread, he seems to enjoy,” she said. “Earlier we had hot dogs,he went through four of them already. I think I found a couple of his favorites."

"Somebody went down there and put up a tent, so somebody's definitely trying to help him out, I just want to give him a good place,” Voigt said.