Do you know a dad who can be strong father figure for Andrew?

Posted at 6:00 AM, Nov 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-19 06:00:15-05

RICHMOND, Va. — Meet Andrew! If he had his choice, he would run to wherever he needed to be and then just wait for you to catch up.

He has a lot of energy and is very athletic.

He enjoys going to art museums and learning new things.

Andrew is a strong student and thrives in an academic setting.

He’s very social and is well-liked by his teachers and peers.

Andrew loves to laugh and can quote Napoleon Dynamite for hours.

Andrew has recently learned how to string his guitar and has been working on learning basic chords.

He enjoys music of all types, but his absolute favorite is rap music.

He enjoys singing along to his favorite songs in the car while adding in his own unique dance moves.

The idea of adoption is exciting to him, and he is hoping to be involved in the process of finding his forever family.

Andrew would do best in a single-parent male home or in a two-parent home with a strong father figure.

Ideally, he would be the youngest child in the home.

Andrew does have a couple of people from his past with whom he keeps in touch, and hopes his new family would be supportive of these healthy relationships.

He’s ready to meet his adoptive family and “get this show on the road.”

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