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‘Three Olive’ Black Bean Burger

Posted at 2:37 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-09 14:38:08-05

RICHMOND, Va. – Back by Popular demand, Christy Omarzai from Argyle Cupcakes and Frozen Yogurt created her signature Savory ‘3 Olive’ Spread and paired it with tasty Black Bean Burgers and Chicken and Lamb burgers. Christy also brought along a special cupcake surprise to help Host Greg McQuade celebrate his birthday! For more information you can visit http://www.loveargyle.com/

Christy O’s Three Olive Burger

4 Black Bean Burgers (Prefer Morning Star)
4 Brioche Hamburger buns
1 cup green olives with pimento
3/4 cup pitted black olives
1/4 cup kalamata pitted olives
3 tbsp Mayonnaise
2 oz. cream cheese softened
8 slices of Havarti cheese
8 slices of tomato
8 pieces of crisp romaine
Butter or Olive Oil for grilling

Three Olive Spread
Finely chop all olives and place them in a bowl. Add mayomaise and cream cheese, stir and set aside.
Grill black bean burgers 2-3 minutes on each side. Flip one more time add two cheese slices to each burger cook for an additional 2-3 minutes. Butter the pan, add buns to grill for about 2-3 minutes. Place the Blackbean burger on the bottom half of the bun. Top burger with tomato & lettuce. Havily coat the top bun with the Three Olive Spread – top it and ENJOY!!