Richmonders ready for Election 2016 to come to an end

Posted at 7:34 PM, Nov 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-06 19:34:24-05

RICHMOND, Va. — As the 2016 election season comes to a close, many Richmond voters are just ready for it to come to an end.

“This has been like a really bad break up. We’ve gone from one crazy relationship to the next. I just want to be single,” Devante Jefferson lamented.

Representatives from both major parties said they have learned a lot over the course of the campaign.

“The Republican Party has gone through a lot of changes,” Jon Whitbeck, chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia said.

He said the GOP needs to learn to leave the primary season behind, once the primary season is over.

“When Republicans are united we win elections. When we’re not united, we lose. I think that’s a message that will have to resonate,” he said.

Susan Swecker, chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, said 2016 has been a reminder of changing voter demographics in Virginia.

“I think we can leave no vote behind; we can leave no voter behind. Every person has value. Every person as worth,” she said.

Representatives from both parties said they’ve learned valuable lessons in 2016. Lessons they plan to use in future Virginia elections.