Watch James Corden race Usain Bolt for ‘fastest man’ title

Posted at 2:42 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 14:42:36-04

James Corden can nail a carpool karaoke, but pound the pavement? Not so much.

That was pretty obvious when “The Late Late Show” host challenged Usain Bolt, aka the world’s fastest man, to a 100-meter race in a studio parking lot.

The 16-second showdown went exactly as you’d think it would go. But the result was yet another win for the master of the viral moment.

Bolt, with six Olympic gold medals to his name, stood at the starting line, proudly sporting Jamaica’s colors.

Corden, with zero medals, intensely stretched and grew visibly anxious as the race approached.

They were joined by actor Owen Wilson and show staff.

Wilson was disqualified for a false start even before they get going. Bolt obviously won.

Corden came in … 21st.

“Number one. All day every day, I’m the winner,” Bolt said in a post-race interview. “Usain Bolt — 1, James Corden — 100.”

Corden may not have stolen Bolt’s title, but he maintained good sportsmanship.

“I would’ve liked to be in the top 15 but, you know, it wasn’t my day. That’s the life of a professional track athlete. Some days it comes and some days it doesn’t.”