Tim Kaine treats Ellen audience to special musical performance

Posted at 2:09 PM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 14:10:29-04

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres continues her season 14 premiere month by welcoming Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Sen. Tim Kaine in his first daytime talk show appearance since Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton chose him as her running mate.

Kaine reveals how honored he is to be Clinton’s running mate and confirms that Hillary is back on the campaign trail and doing very well since her recent bout of pneumonia.

Don’t miss when Ellen asks the Senator if he feels bad for Mike Pence. Plus, Tim reveals his wife’s reaction to social media referring to him as “hot” when he was younger.

Watch as the Senator shows off his unique skill for playing the harmonica and Ellen gifts him with an Ellen-ized harmonica!

Time Kaine on wife’s reaction to people saying he used to be hot.

Time Kaine on wife’s reaction to people saying he used to be hot.

About being nominated…

Ellen: You get a call all the sudden you’re gonna be Vice President nominee.

Tim: Hillary called me at 7:32 pm on July 22nd not that it was memorable. Yeah.

Ellen: And…?

Tim: And I started to say yes. She said will you be on the ticket with me and I started to say yes she said don’t talk I want to tell you why first. She just basically said, look if I’m president the measure of the administration will be can we do things that affect people in their daily lives not a bill signing not a passage, but affect people in their daily lives. She said, you’ve been a missionary and civil rights lawyer and a Mayor and a Governor. I think you’ll help me measure what we do by the effect that it makes so obviously it was deeply humbling and I’ve been in politics 22 years. I’ve always had strong women supporting me especially my wife and so many others and to be able to support a strong woman to make history I’m really excited about it.

On Hillary’s health…

Ellen: We were talking backstage – let’s just get to this: fist of all, how is she doing with the pneumonia?

Tim: She’s good. She’s very good. Back out on the trail and powering through like multitasking women and men often have to do, but she’s back on the trail and doing well.

Ellen: Good, glad to hear that.

On Mike Pence having to defend Donald Trump…

Ellen: Obviously because your the nominee for Vice President you have to defend Hillary because that’s your job.

Tim: Absolutely.

Ellen: Do you feel bad for Mike Pence that he has to defend … he’s got to be constantly like, “oh, no what do I say now.” “What did he say now?”

Tim: It is part of the role. I don’t find that a heavy lift at all to do the work I have to do to tell people Hillary’s story. Hillary and I are both Mid-Westerners. We both grew up in Republican families, we both grew up in small business families, we both grew up in religious households. I kind of know the vibe. I know that for example, for her it’s not easy for her to talk about herself, that’s just not the way we were raised, but it’s easier for me to talk about her so that’s something I like to do is to tell stories about things she’s done that really show who she is as a person and the kind of President she’ll be.

Ellen: You’re doing a great job and I’m thrilled that you’re our nominee and a great guy…

On His Wife’s Reaction To People Saying He Used To Be Hot When He Was Younger…

Tim: My wife Anne of 32 years got interviewed by Cosmo. They said, hey, they showed her some of these pictures. They said, back in the day your husband was pretty hot. She said, he’s hotter now.

Ellen: Wow!

Tim: And so, but as with any marriage there’s a punch line. I saw that line and I called her and I said, hey thank you for saying I’m hot. She said, I didn’t say you’re hot. I said you were hotter now than you were then. I thought you looked goofy then.

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