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Mom claims landlord removed front door over late rent

Posted at 9:07 AM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 09:07:37-04

EUPORA, Mississippi -- A Mississippi woman said she planned to sue her landlord for removing the front door of her home because she was behind on her rent.

Marsha Johnson told WCBI she was asleep when her landlord took the front door of its hinges.

"I had just took some medicine, laid down on the couch, I heard something," Johnson said. "He said 'I told you if you don't pay I'm gonna knock them off.'"

Johnson said she had previously sent a letter to her landlord that explained her rent would be delayed because her social security check was received late.

"I wasn't not trying to pay him, I was not trying to dodge him, I just let him know I couldn't do it right then," she said.

With no door at her home, Johnson's son moved his mother in with him for now.

"She was frustrated with it, she was scared, didn't want to do nothing, she wanted to move so I helped her move her stuff out," Marvin Conley son.

Police said while what the landlord did was against the law, the matter would have to be resolved in civil court.