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Wrong lunch order leads to waiter opening fire at steakhouse

Posted at 5:04 PM, Aug 25, 2016

SAN ANTONIO -- A wrong lunch order led to a shooting at one of San Antonio's best known and oldest restaurants.

Video shows a waiter clad in a red plaid shirt at the Little Red Barn Steakhouse opening fire.

A witness, who spoke with KENS on the condition of anonymity, said the waiter was serving some men lunch who were unusually upset about their food.


“The customer went towards the waiter, hit him, said, ‘You messed up my order since the beginning,’” she said. “And that's where he started hitting on the waiter, and the waiter actually never hit back. He was just there trying to dodge the hits.”

San Antonio police said the customer punched and hit the waiter. When the waiter was able to get away, police said he returned with a gun and fired several shots at the ceiling.

“The way I saw it, the waiter didn't hit back or anything," a witness said. "It kind of looks like it was for safety. And I guess he was just doing to scare the guys off because they were all on top of him, hitting him.”

 Little Red Barn Steakhouse

Little Red Barn Steakhouse

When the gunfire erupted, people yelled and dove for cove. Luckily, no one was hurt.

“It is important to note that our policy is no weapons are allowed on our premises by employees,” Tomas Garcia with Little Red Barn Steakhouse said.

Texas is an open carry state. The restaurant did not have the necessary signs posted asking people to leave their guns in their cars.

The restaurant management said that will be changing that immediately.

Police said both the waiter and the customers who beat him ran out of the restaurant after the shooting. Officials said they could all face charges.