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Why this family is cutting strangers’ grass — for free

Posted at 2:41 PM, Aug 11, 2016

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- What started as a punishment has grown into a movement. Four brothers who offer free lawn service in Louisville, Kentucky have gained worldwide attention.

Barbara Wilson initially punished her son for being a "smarty pants" and ordered him to mow the yard outside an abandoned home down the street.

"So I had cut that yard and then I started liking it. So I just went around cutting yards [for free]," Travis Wilson told WAVE.

When mom posted her son's deed on Facebook, her posts went viral.

As Travis' fame grew so did the work load.

That is one reason why their father ordered Travis' brothers to join the lawn care crew.

"We've touched a lot of people's hearts and we've done good for a lot of people," Demonte said.

The brothers were recently honored with a brand new lawnmower so they could keep up their good work.

"If we're getting so much love and support just for them cutting grass, just imagine if everybody did it, you know just a little bit of love is all it takes," Barbara Wilson, said.