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Former Marine runs with American flag for Dallas police

Posted at 4:08 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 16:08:27-04

DALLAS -- Over the past month, folks have shown their support for Dallas Police in a lot of ways, from flowers to hugs, and donations, but none of those make you sweat quite like getting out in this insane heat and going for a run.

That's what Billy Richards, an armed forces vet, did in Dallas, running from Police Headquarters to El Centro and back while carrying the American Flag, KDAF reports.

"Me being a veteran myself, serving four years in the Marine Corps, three years in the Army I kind of relate to what the police do," Richards said. "I've started up a 'Thank The Police' tour, so what I've been doing is I've been going to precinct to precinct around the country and I've been running the area with the American flag just as a way to say thank you."

And after that run, he gives each department a handwritten thank you note as well as the flag he ran with.

Dallas is actually his 22nd stop on his tour which began as his way to show solidarity with police forces everywhere after the targeted shootings here and in Baton Rouge. He braves the Southern sun to do whatever he can to back the blue.

"They're the protectors of the home front. They're the ones that serve the public and they're always under the microscope, too," said Richards. "So what I wanted to do is I wanted to give a little bit of positive recognition as opposed to all the negative stuff that's been going around."

Armed with just his water pack, a bag full of thank you notes and Old Glory, Richards might just have what it takes.