100-year-old grandma wins at beer pong, internet goes crazy

Posted at 11:52 PM, Aug 05, 2016

When you celebrate your 100th birthday, how do you want to celebrate it?

Well Marie Pope of Illinois took in a game of beer pong for her special day and the results have gone viral and has the internet going crazy.

It all started with Marie’s grandson, Trevor Pope.

Trevor posted a Facebook video of Marie sinking the winning shot in a game of beer pong. That video was posted on July 30. One week later, it has over 41,000 views.

Trevor posted the video with the caption, “My grandma just turned 100…she’s still crushing beer pong.”

Here are some of the best comments on the post:

“She’s amazing. Happy 100th to grandma,” said Dana Gilbert Augustino.

“That’s so awesome! There is no way she is 100,” said Shelly Vancleave-Duncan.

“OMG.. This is the best thing ever!!” said Natalie Salazar

“Brooo, she’s my partner next comp beer pong tournament,” said Wayne Warrington.

Marie told the Huffington Post she wasn’t drinking too much alcohol during the game, but “It was an excellent time, a really wonderful occasion.”

She also confirmed it wasn’t her first time playing the drinking game.