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Girl sent flying after bungee cord breaks at Missouri mall

Posted at 7:55 AM, Aug 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-03 07:59:38-04

ST. PETERS, Mo. -- A bungee cord on an amusement ride inside Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters, Missouri snapped in half and sent a young girl flying.

Jim Peich was visiting Mid Rivers Mall on July 31 with his seven-year-old son when they saw a chaotic scene.

"Some of the other parents who were in line said the bungee cord just broke and she went flying over toward the food court," Peich said.

He said a second bungee cord pulled the girl back to safety.

"She didn't appear to be seriously injured, I'm sure she is pretty sore today, just really glad that she was okay," he said.

The broken bungee cord has been replaced, a mall spokesperson said, but Peich said he got a good look at the broken one.

"It was completely snapped, it was just broken in two pieces. It got me as a parent wondering what kind of safety protocols do they have, and are they being inspected," said Peich.

Bungee trampoline rides must be inspected once a year in order to obtain a permit, a mall spokesperson said.

The young girl in the incident was not seriously hurt. Officials at the Missouri Department of Safety say they will be investigating the incident.