Head to Carytown Thursday for a Pokémon GO takeover

Posted at 6:29 PM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 18:42:25-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Pokémon GO players can head to Carytown Thursday to get some experience points and catch some monsters, with help from RVA Mag and the Carytown Merchants Association. Carytown is full of Pokéstops, and RVA Mag's editor Brad Kutner will also be throwing out some lures, just to boost everyone's chances.

All Mr. Kutner asks is that folks get out there and enjoy other services that Carytown has to offer.

And with the heat index tomorrow -- you're going to be seeking some cool refreshments and AC reprieve as while on the hunt to catch them all.

You might be one of those negative-nancy's who's posting about how much "Pokémon sucks" and how people need to get a life. But I've seen more people walking around, exploring their neighborhoods, and RVA's amazing park system, in the last five days than I have in a long time (myself included). So we thought we'd team up with our favorite local shopping district, Carytown, and offer Pokémon Go fans a chance to get together, have a few drinks, and catch some monsters.

Carytown is FULL of Pokéstops, places where you can get free XP as well as items to help you on your journey. And with a little help from the Carytown Merchants Association, This Thursday evening, we're gonna fill those Pokéstops with lures for an hour to give everyone a chance to get in on the fun.

All we ask is that you enjoy the other services Carytown has to offer while you're there! Buy some food, or some clothes, or anything else our awesome local retailers have to offer.

So here's the plan!

Everyone meets in Carytown this Thursday, 7/14, around 5 PM and has a pre-hunt cocktail or two while happy hours are still going on. We're not working with any specific restaurants at the moment, so pick your favorite and don't be afraid to say hi to your neighbors before you head out - they're probably playing the game too!

Around 6 PM, RVAMag's intrepid editor will walk up and down the street stocking all 12 Pokéstops with lures. These bad boys increase the frequency that Pokémon show up so it should give people who have just dabbled in the game a chance to catch up with some of the folks who have doubled down.

The lures last 30 minutes, so Editor BK will trek back up the street around 6:30 and pop another set of lures on each Pokéstop so everything should be lured until about 7 PM. Then, after that, we'll all return to our favorite watering hole to celebrate our hunts.

Sound good? We think so.

See you at Carytown this Thursday, and happy hunting!