Teenagers turn to social media to help fight heroin, offer support

Posted at 7:02 PM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-27 19:06:35-04

HOPEWELL, Va. -- After three adults they were acquainted with died from drug overdoses, 15-year-old Jacob Henshaw and 14-year-old Matthew Fernette set out to make a difference.

Neither realized just how quickly their idea would take off.

"Within 24 hours we already had 700 people," says Jacob Henshaw.

The co-creator of "Stop Heroin In Hopewell Va" says that  72 hours after the Facebook Page went up, more than 1,000 people had hit the like button.

"We've had six  people saying they have stopped heroin, drugs and other kinds of things and we're a big inspiration," says Henshaw.

The page isn't just aimed at Hopewell but the entire Tri-Cities area.

"I applaud you for taking this task upon yourself as a young man, because not a lot of young people want to get involved," said Captain Mike Whittington.

Capt. Whittington says heroin is an epidemic across the state and the country.

"If they only change one life, if they are able to reach one person, through their undertaking, and stop one person from using this dangerous drug, they've made an impact," he said.

The teens reached out to several adults to help as page administrators after getting such a big response.

Their Facebook page can be found here.