How will Clinton’s pledge to open AREA 51 and UFO files change the election?

Posted at 12:31 AM, Jun 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 00:31:27-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Could Hillary Clinton's campaign pledge to open government files about AREA 51 and UFOs possibly change the course of the presidential election?

CBS 6's political analyst Dr. Bob Holsworth believes most voters won't be thinking about UFOs when they pull the lever.

"But by and large," he said, "it's not surprising in all the wackiness that we're seeing (in this election cycle) that all of a sudden aliens and alien abductors will make it into the political arena this year."

And longtime national UFO promoter and radio show host Clyde Lewis tells CBS 6 that he doubts the government holds any crucial evidence.

"I don't think the government has anything," he said. "What they did was put it in the private sector so no one could get to it. I think the aerospace industry has information, they have evidence. Where they basically took that evidence and reverse-engineered it."

Did you know Mrs. Clinton and her campaign chair John Podesta have long been interested in UFOs?

And did you know Richmond was one of the early cities reporting sighting in news reports, well before the flying saucer craze in the mid-60s?

Check out Mark Holmberg’s video report for details.