‘Sweet-face pitbull’ loses leg protecting owner

Posted at 3:47 PM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-25 16:26:32-04

Mobile, AL (WALA) — It was a normal walk home for a Mobile woman and her dog over the weekend until a shot rang out. The dog was hit in the leg and is still recovering at a West Mobile animal clinic.

The veterinarian at Rehm Animal Clinic says the dog is healing well and should be going home on Wednesday. Doctors had to amputate the dog’s leg Saturday night. A police report has been filed and Mobile Police are still investigating exactly what happened, to figure out who shot the dog.

The two-year-old Pitbull terrier mix named Easie is known for her sweet face, and now she’s now being hailed a hero. She lost her leg after being shot near Moffett Road and Northview Drive Saturday night, during a walk with her owner. Tammy Vickers says Easie saved her life.

“She let out a scream, I knew she’d been hit and she didn’t collapse. I think she surprised them,” says Vickers.

Vickers says it all happened during a routine walk, close to their house. She says two men who seemed to be in their 20s suddenly appeared with a gun. After Easie was shot, she still protected Vickers and scared them away. Vickers says it all happened so fast, she doesn’t know where the men came from.

The vet who helped Easie that night, Heather Weaver, says she treats dogs who were shot all too often, but this time it was different.

“She truly protected mom, and if mom doesn’t have the money, you know, our job is to try and take care of animals, and we can’t do that for every animal that comes in here, but we certainly want to help a pet that goes above and beyond.”

The bullet went through Easie’s leg, and it couldn’t be saved. Weaver says she decided to help pay for most of Easie’s treatments, and also set up a ‘You Caring’ account for any future care…many are hoping that will help Easie’s life get a little easier from here.

To donate to Easie’s medical funds, click here.

Police say the person responsible will be charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment, both are misdemeanors. If you have any information, call Mobile Police.