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Mom says boys lured daughter into school bathroom, pulled pants down

Posted at 6:43 PM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 12:41:33-04

RICHMOND, Va. – A mother believes that several boys at her child’s middle school premeditated an assault on her daughter.

Courtney Allen was beside herself after she learned that her daughter was assaulted at school, in the middle of the day, she said. Now police are investigating exactly what happened at Lucille Brown Middle School.

Allen said she received a call from a school official, to let her know of the “horrifying attack” on her 14-year-old daughter..

"Where was everybody when this happened?” she said.

"They said four boys lured her into the bathroom, into the boy's locker room, and pushed her in and she fell.”

“They pulled her pants down, and the others forced her head to their private parts,” she added.

Mom said her daughter screamed and fought back and a teacher walked in. Allen wondered what would have happened if no teacher had heard her cries.

“Because my baby's pants are down, she's struggling trying to pull her stuff up, she’s struggling to get away from them,” Allen said.

Mom said she hasn't been given information about how, or if the boys were disciplined by the school, but said she plans to press charges.

The report filed by with the Richmond Police shows they are investigating it as a simple assault, with major crimes detectives on the case.

The Richmond Public Schools spokesperson said that parents were not notified because it is a disciplinary issue.

“School administration is working with our office of safety and security to address safety issues within the school and to implement additional procedures that will provide better supervision in certain areas of the building,” they said. “Richmond Public Schools takes all reports of sexual assault very seriously.”

Allen said she thinks the school should have been up front with all parents, and notified them that an alleged crime happened inside the school.

“I want other people to know what goes on, and you're not gonna hide this from other parents,” she said. “All of them should know.”