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Cancer patient’s prayers answered when missing Bible turns up on Amazon

Posted at 10:36 AM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-25 10:36:20-04

HOUSTON -- When Jill Yeager was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer, a group of her high school friends wanted to spread some joy to Jill. So they bought her a special pink Bible and filled it with personal notes.

"People can say they're praying, but when they put it on here and they write, 'look, I pray this for you.' I mean this is tangible for me to see,” Yeager said.

Her friend Nancy Schnell told KHOU she wanted to lift the spirits of Yeager..

“People have the opportunity to pray with it, pray over it, highlight scripture and write notes,"  Schnell said.

However as her friends sent the Bible across the country to collect notes, the Bible was lost in the mail.

Apparently when books are lost in the mail, they end up at a bookstore in Georgia.

There the Bible sat, until a woman in Ohio purchased it from Amazon.

The woman, Gail McNerney, said when she first received the Bible, she feared the worse.

“I just assumed maybe she had passed away and the family got rid of her stuff,” McNerney said.

However, when McNerney used Facebook to contact one of the women who signed the Bible, she learned Yeager was still alive.

“Everybody down there thought it was lost and it wasn’t at all…yeah God needed to do more stuff with it,” said McNerney.

McNerney said before she returned the Bible to Yeager, she had her church family to pray over it and write personal notes.

“As meaningful and sweet and personal as the messages are from my classmates now there’s messages in there from people in Ohio that I’ve never met that are connected to my story and pray for me,” said Yeager.