Bashful boy steals show at ballet recital

Posted at 4:14 PM, May 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 16:14:45-04

MARIETTA, Ga. — Four tiny dancers made their way to center stage for their big dance recital, but only three began their carefully practiced routine. The fourth — well, he had other plans.

Four-year-old Fred Gapuzan took a look at the assembled crowd Saturday at a school in Marietta, Georgia, and reacted like many kids would: He wanted to hide. His shirt provided cover for a brief time, but then he remembered his sailor hat — and pulled it down completely over his head.

The other dancers, including his twin, George, dutifully followed their paces. A few times, the others would try to nudge Fred to skip or turn or piqué, but he resisted all efforts to join in. (Although he periodically peeked out to make sure the huge audience was still there.)

Mom Victoria Gapuzan says she and husband Jay thought the reaction was very typical of Fred. She at first felt bad for all the other dancers, because they worked so hard, and bad for her son, but she said she and Jay then thought it was hilarious.

This is the first year Fred and George have taken dance classes at The Georgia Ballet, so it was their first recital and their first time in a large concert hall.

Fred later told his mother, “That school was scary.”

The assembled crowd was overwhelming as well. Victoria said Fred told her: “I just wanted YOU to watch me!”