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Smiling, friendly student with autism crowned prom king

Posted at 10:46 AM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-11 12:19:13-04

OAKVILLE, Missouri — Matt Schmitt had an unforgettable Saturday evening.

“Well I won the prom king,” says Matt Schmitt, Oakville Prom King.

The Oakville senior wasn’t expecting the surprise.

“Someone was like, we should vote Matt Schmitt because he’s always smiling and so friendly to everyone,” says Breanna Colombo.

Classmates say the teenager with autism is always one who makes everyone else’s day, so some seniors in the school’s leadership group decided to return the favor.

“He brightens your day,” says Nyshaun Harvey. “If you’re having a bad day in the halls. There’s not a time that he doesn’t walk by without speaking to you.”

“He’s probably the friendliest person I know so I think that’s why everyone voted for him,” says Sophie Nelms.

“We had a voting process and it was an online vote and it was overwhelming that not only would Matt be on the prom court but then taking that and finalizing that as a vote for prom king,” says Ross Bullington, Oakville Senior Class Principal.

“You know I was nervous at first but then I started tearing up,” says prom king Matt Schmitt.

As did everyone in attendance at the prom. You might say they did a royal job of honoring a classmate.