More chances for rain this week

Posted at 12:16 PM, May 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-08 12:16:06-04

RICHMOND, Va.  -- A stuck pattern and a slow-moving storm system produced over five inches of rain last week.  For the week ahead, the overall pattern will be different, but it will still lend itself to unsettled weather for most of the week.

A warm front will lift back northward through the state Tuesday into Wednesday.  This will increase the chances of showers and storms across the region.  Unlike last week, this will not be a widespread, heavy rain event.  Clusters of storms will produce locally heavy downpours across parts of the state.

More disturbances and a few cold fronts towards the end of the week will keep scattered storms around each day.  Humidity levels will increase mid-week, adding more moisture for the storms to work with.


These storm clusters do not distribute rainfall evenly, so we will see a variance in rainfall amounts from Monday through next Saturday.

Here are two different computer models showing total rainfall through late Saturday.  The main thing to notice is that most areas have the potential to see in excess of at least one-half inch of rain.  Repeated storms, or slow-moving storms, will create heavier rainfall totals.  Since this will not be an event like last week, rain totals will not be as high.

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