Tattoo removal cream could hit market soon

Posted at 7:41 AM, May 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 07:41:21-04

HALIFAX, Canada -- Good news for people who have a tattoo they want removed. A PH.D. student in Canada said he has created a cream that is able to remove unwanted tattoos.

Alec Falkenham said his invention, which he recently sold to Cipher Pharmaceuticals, does not leave a mark on patients.

Alec Falkenham

Alec Falkenham

Tattoo removal cream, he said, would mark the end of the laser tattoo removal business.

"Even if it's not this cream there's one that's going to be right around the corner," Falkenham said.

Falkenham's bisphosphonate lipsomal tattoo removal cream attacks and kills skin cells that absorb tattoo ink. The blood then sends in new clean cells to replace the cells killed by the cream.

"So far we've done mouse experiments and pig experiments and they [Cipher Pharmaceuticals] will kinda be picking it up from there and trying to move it forward."

Cipher Pharmaceuticals will take Falkenham's idea and run it through clinical trials.

If those trials prove successful, the company will develop a patent and produce to cream.

"It's incredible. To take something from an idea all the way to the point where are pharmaceutical company is picking it up and moving it along. It's fantastic. I mean you can't imagine a better case scenario for a Ph.D. student," Falkenham said.