Photos of 5-year-old girl attacked by goose goes viral

Posted at 8:11 PM, May 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 20:13:34-04

SPRING, Texas – A five-year-old Texas girl has won the hearts of people all across the country after pictures of her being attacked by a goose went viral this week.

Summer Gidden was not hurt in the attack, but she has garnered a lot of notoriety as the pictures have made their way around the country. The girl's sister Stevie posted the pictures on Twitter, where they've been retweeted more than 49,000 times and liked nearly 64,000 times.

Summer is taking the incident in stride.

“It’s funny,” she said laughing.

Summer’s neighbor snapped a few pictures after kids playfully chased geese in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, one goose decided to return the favor. The pictures show Summer, terrified and screaming, as the goose pinned her to the ground.

“I was the slowest,” she said. “He got his foot in my hair."

That’s when a neighbor scooped Summer up from the ground, saving her from the goose.

Stevie said she always knew her sister would be famous, but she never thought the pictures, meant for friends and family, would go viral.

“She’s famous! A lot of people are relating to it. I’m talking to my friends on Twitter (who) are saying, 'This is why I hate ducks,' or 'This is why I hate geese.'”

Some other reactions on Twitter include: