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Parents of school bullies face $366 fine

Posted at 3:00 PM, Apr 29, 2016

SHAWANO, Wisconsin -- School bullying is a problem in many communities. Now one Wisconsin town is going after parents whose children cannot seem to play well with others.

The town of Shawano, near Green Bay, has passed an ordinance that would allow police to fine parents of children who bully others, NBC26 reported.

When a complaint is filed, parents would have 90 days to improve their child's behavior.

If the bullying were to continue, parents would face a $366 fine.

From there, a $681 fine would be levied if the bullying behavior did not stop.

The ordinance is not limited to bullying at school. Cyber-bullying, which tends to occur at all hours on social media, is also covered by the new rules.