The burger with the fewest calories at 20 chain restaurants

Posted at 1:08 PM, Apr 05, 2016


Your friends want to go get fast food one afternoon. You’re happy to go, but probably don’t want to completely destroy the healthy streak you’ve been proudly keeping for the past couple of weeks. So which burger should you choose to avoid derailing your diet in one sitting?

HealthGrove decided to help make that decision easier. Using nutrition data from ESHA, HealthGrove, part of the Graphiq network, found the least caloric burger at 20 popular chain restaurants. The list is ranked by number of calories for a serving size of one burger, and ties are broken by selecting the burger with fewer grams of fat, followed by milligrams of sodium. The health site didn’t include burgers on the kids’ menu or veggie burgers.

#20. Bob Evans

<href=”″>Big Farm Hamburger

Calories: 910
Serving size: 354.38g
Nutrient Score: F

#19. Johnny Rockets

<href=”″>Original Hamburger

Calories: 870
Serving size: 349g
Nutrient Score: F

#18. Denny’s

<href=”″>Spicy Sriracha Burger

Calories: 860
Serving size: 396.9g
Nutrient Score: F

#17. Mimi’s Cafe

<href=”″>Mushroom Brie Burger

Calories: 760
Serving size: 411g
Nutrient Score: F

#16. Red Robin

<href=”″>Keep It Simple Hamburger

Calories: 624
Serving size: 284g
Nutrient Score: D-

#15. Sizzler

<href=”″>1/3-lb. Cheeseburger

Calories: 618
Serving size: 286g
Nutrient Score: F

#14. Five Guys

<href=”″>Little Hamburger

Calories: 480
Serving size: 171g
Nutrient Score: F

#13. Carl’s Junior

<href=”″>1/3-lb. Low Carb Thickburger

Calories: 450
Serving size: 259g
Nutrient Score: D

#12. Del Taco


Calories: 430
Serving size: 162g
Nutrient Score: D

#11. Dairy Queen

<href=”″>Original Cheeseburger

Calories: 380
Serving size: 156g
Nutrient Score: D

#10. A&W Restaurant


Calories: 342
Serving size: 127g
Nutrient Score: C+

#9. Sonic

<href=”″>Jr. Burger

Calories: 340
Serving size: 120g
Nutrient Score: D+

#8. Rally’s

<href=”″>All American Hamburger

Calories: 310
Serving size: 110g
Nutrient Score: D-

#7. Whataburger

<href=”″>Jr. Hamburger

Calories: 310
Serving size: 168g
Nutrient Score: C-

#6. Hardee’s

<href=”″>Small Hamburger

Calories: 280
Serving size: 118g
Nutrient Score: F

#5. Jack in the Box


Calories: 280
Serving size: 105g
Nutrient Score: D-

#4. McDonald’s


Calories: 250
Serving size: 99g
Nutrient Score: D+

#3. In-N-Out Burger

<href=”″>Hamburger (Protein Style)

Calories: 240
Serving size: 275g
Nutrient Score: C-

#2. Wendy’s

<href=”″>Jr. Hamburger

Calories: 240
Serving size: 102g
Nutrient Score: D+

#1. Burger King


Calories: 230
Serving size: 100g
Nutrient Score: F

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