Monday’s warming trend will not last long

Posted at 1:07 PM, Apr 03, 2016

RICHMOND, Va. -- The weather pattern lately has been quite a variable one, and is a trend that will continue the rest of this week.

Strong wind gusts pushed a colder air mass into the area Saturday night into Sunday morning, but this colder air will lift out and be replaced by highs in the 70s on Monday.  However, another cold front will pass Monday evening, and another batch of colder air will move in for Tuesday and Tuesday night.  By Wednesday morning, most of the state will have sub-freezing temperatures.

Temperatures will warm back up into the mid 60s Thursday, but yet another system will bring colder air back for the end of the week, and more sub-freezing temperatures are expected next Saturday morning.  Keep that in mind if you are participating in or watching the Monument Avenue 10K!

It does look like a warmer pattern will set up for early next week, so the temperature swings will not be as dramatic every couple of days.

Despite the past couple of days, April is a month that produces a good rise in temperatures, with our normal highs getting well into the 70s and the normal lows hitting 50.

Here is what a statistically-average April looks like.  Keep in mind, these "normals" are taken from smoothing the averages from over 100 years of weather records.  One major highlight: over an hour of additional daylight.