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CBS 6 Problems Solvers helps woman get full refund on unfinished car work

Posted at 7:00 PM, Mar 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 19:28:11-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Back on March 22, Barbra Watson was a recipient of the CBS 6 Gives campaign after she had an issue with an independent Richmond auto mechanic who didn’t complete work on her 2005 PT Cruiser.

CBS 6 and Cutshaw Automotive surprised Watson by paying her auto repair bill of just over $1300.

'I'm really, really, grateful. And I thank you guys so much. And Cutshaw Auto, they are awesome too!" said Watson.

Barbara Watson is thankful and can't wait to pay it forward

Barbara Watson is thankful and can't wait to pay it forward

Watson initially contacted CBS 6 Problem Solvers for unfinished work from an independent auto mechanic. Watson couldn't get in touch with the mechanic and she said he would also not return her calls after demanding a refund.

CBS 6 worked for weeks to track down the mechanic and it wasn't easy. Once we found him, he did agree to refund Watson's money.

Three days after we told her story, the mechanic returned the full amount.

Watson and Rob

Barbra Watson gives Rob Desir a big hug after CBS 6 Problem Solvers was able to get her a full refund on unfinished car work.

"To give me $1,318.14 worth of work done on my car and I still got my money back, hey, I’m the queen," said Watson.

Watson couldn't thank us enough, and after a big hug dropped the top on her cruiser to ride off.

"I am absolutely wonderful. Yeah! The weather's good, I'm good, feeling good, looking good, what can I say?” said Watson as she drove off laughing. With her vehicle in order, Watson plans to visit to her grandchildren in Virginia Beach.