Petersburg woman spends 45th birthday handing out presents

Posted at 6:30 PM, Mar 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-26 18:30:44-04

PETERSBURG, Va. -- Instead of receiving gifts, a Petersburg woman spent her 45th birthday handing out presents to other women at the mall Saturday.

Kim Harrell and her church group named the “Jewls” handed out 45 presents and hugs to women at the Southpark Mall in Colonial Heights. “Jewls” stands for Just Eager Women Learning [Living Loving] Scripture.

“They asked me what kind of gift I wanted for my birthday. Except, what better gift to give to other people,” Harrell said. “We are spreading love to the ladies.”

She said she was inspired by both God and CBS 6’s Month of Giving around Christmas,  which was so well received that the station has continued it into 2016.

“When you see something on TV that’s always giving, like a news station, it inspires us,” Harrell said.” “What can we do with or without the cameras, what can we do?”

Harrell and the ladies from H20 Ministries in Petersburg spent money from their own pocket to pay for the gifts. They estimate they purchased about $500 worth of gift cards, lotions, shoes, and other gifts.

Laura Davis and her daughter were one of the women randomly chosen. “It’s very overwhelming I’m shaking I’m nervous,

“It’s very overwhelming I’m shaking, I’m nervous, very, very thankful,” Davis said. “It’s a nice little surprise on a Saturday morning.”

“As women, some of us don’t know our worth,” said Jewls member Pamela Travis. “For someone to come up you don’t know and give you this gift, it’s special.”

Harrell hopes their act will inspire others to do good, too.