Website helps inmates look for love

Posted at 1:16 PM, Mar 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 13:16:25-04

They have been convicted of serious crimes but prisoners are still looking for love online.

Darryl Crenshaw, 32, is serving 78 years in MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institute in Suffield for the kidnapping and murder of Ashley Peoples.

Her cousin, Malakie Berry said he thinks of her every day, but can’t help but also think about the man who put her in an early grave.

“Sometimes I wonder what he’s doing and I stop and think about it and he’s not doing too much of anything. He’s in a little box where he’s supposed to be,” Berry said.

Berry doesn’t need to wonder anymore because what Crenshaw is doing is posted on

The website can be described at best as a pen pal website, but at worst, as a place for convicts to find dates, and Crenshaw has a profile.

“It blows my mind. What kind of person would want to be in a relationship with a person who could do such a thing,” Berry said

The pain didn’t subside for Berry once Eyewitness News found out that Crenshaw’s profile shows him admitting to the killing and describes his months on the run in Mexico.

Before claiming Ashley’s death was unintentional, Crenshaw says he’s “trying to become a more compassionate individual which is difficult when you’re surrounded by thugs, racists, rapists and grown men who refuse to use toothpaste and deodorant.”

He concludes by listing his prison interests of working out, doing crossword puzzles and origami and watching comedies.

“I’m wondering what life would be like with her. He should be there, wondering what life is like out here, without communicating with anyone,” Berry said.

The Department of Corrections says Crenshaw isn’t allowed to be communicating with those on the outside, but inmates have internet access.

While officials said they are aware of the website, they have no control over what family members or friends do to update the account.

“Shame on them. Think about it. Stop and think about what you’re doing, you’re promoting this guy on a dating website, a known killer,” Berry said.

While Crenshaw may not have access to start the account, nobody can prove he didn’t write the biography and pass it along to a friend.

What is certain is that he can receive correspondence from anyone interested.

“He’s looking for a female. She might come see him, put money on his commissary. I don’t know,” Berry said. “He doesn’t deserve to be on Facebook, or on these dating websites.”

Men and woman can be found on Meet-An-Inmate, but right now there are only three Connecticut inmates listed on the site. If paroled, one is getting out of prison next year.