‘Thank you, Jesus,’ woman says after Rob Desir pays $1,318 car repair bill

Posted at 7:38 PM, Mar 22, 2016

RICHMOND, Va. –  Barbara Watson reached out to CBS 6 after she had an issue with an independent Richmond auto mechanic who didn’t complete work on her 2005 PT Cruiser.

Watson initially needed her brakes fixed to make the car drivable but she then learned from the mechanic that she needed more service.

He told her she would need work done on the tire rods and steering.

“I couldn’t believe nobody would do me like that, because he took $750 of my money,” said

Watson paid him for the brake work and then paid for the other issues he said the car had. But then when she got her car back, she said it still wasn’t properly fixed.

She said she felt truly hurt. Watson said the mechanic stopped taking her calls and that he disappeared.

Cutshaw Automotive, who services CBS 6 vehicles, did an inspection. None of the steering rack components or tire rod ends had been replaced.

Barbara Watson is thankful and can't wait to pay it forward

Barbara Watson is thankful and can't wait to pay it forward

They said it would be $1,318 for the repairs, and Watson allowed them to do the work.

Between Cutshaw and our sponsorship with Union Bank, the bill was taken care of. We met Watson at the shop when the work was complete, and surprised her with the good news.

“Thank you , Jesus,” she exclaimed. “Oh my god, Mr. Desir… come on you guys,”

“I look forward to passing this blessing on,” Watson said. “I am so excited about it because it is a wonderful blessing that I received today.”

CBS 6 finally made contact with the automotive shop who first handled the work on Watson’s car. The mechanic said that now he will try to refund her the money she paid.

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