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Dying Mastiff finds new home at Va. animal sanctuary

Posted at 7:00 PM, Mar 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-21 19:07:51-04

MIDDLETOWN, Va. -- A dog diagnosed with terminal cancer in need of a new home is now living at an animal sanctuary in Virginia.

Earlier this month, Maretza Abelenda, who rescued "Dmitria," the English Mastiff, pleaded for the public to find a home for the large dog after her landlord forbade her from keeping the animal in her apartment.

"She told me, 'I give you three weeks. If you don't get the dog out, you have to move, too,'" Abelenda told WUSA.

The 144-pound dog bears the scars of a hard life and likely spent much of her life inside a puppy mill.

Veterinarians told Abelenda the dog does not have much time since she has a cancerous tumor in her left eye.

Abelenda was hopeful someone would make the dog's final days peaceful since she endured so much suffering.



As of Monday, "Dmitria" was settling into her new home with foster parents at Ruff Ranch Sanctuary in Middletown, Virginia.

Workers at the ranch hope to have the dog's cancerous growth removed so she can have "a few more happy years of retirement."

Follow along with "Dmitria's" journey on the sanctuary's Facebook page.