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Nikki-Dee surprises seniors, delivers Meals on Wheels

Posted at 2:14 PM, Mar 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-18 14:49:20-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- I absolutely love delivering for Meals on Wheels, so when someone reached out to me to join them on a rout I immediately said, "Yes! When? Where?"

The moment I drove up to Meals on Wheels, I realized this was not just any viewer who challenged me to a "Be Me," she was a friend of mine. Then several of my friends appeared from the Meals on Wheels building! Sweet Kim Gray arranged everything. She not only surprised me, but she also surprised my friends from the Career Support Systems -- Sierra Smith, Raymond Peters, Fran Schmidt, Darren Debrew and Anise Saunders were all there.

They had no idea I was coming along for the delivery.

We quickly got to work and packed our cooler with pre-made individual meals, grabbed the monthly menu and snack bags, plus a microwave. Yes, we were getting to bless someone with a microwave!

We all got into the van and headed to out on the pre-planned route.

When we arrived at our first house, we got out the meal, menu, and snack bag. As we headed to the door everyone was smiling and anxious to visit with our Central Virginia neighbor.

After we delivered to a few homes, it was time to deliver not only a meal but also a microwave.

We knocked on the door shouting “Meals on Wheels."

The sweet lady invited us inside and almost broke into tears. She was overjoyed with her microwave! She told us that she looked forward to not only the delicious meal from Meals on Wheels, but also the company. She loves the hugs, smiles, and laughter!

If you are interested in Meals on Wheels please contact them at 804-521-2500. You do not have to deliver everyday, or even every week, but trust me, you may want to!

Meals on Wheels volunteers provide daily, nutritious home-delivered meals and a friendly, safety and security check to eligible homebound neighbors who cannot shop or cook for themselves. These neighbors include seniors, the disabled, or chronically ill adults under the age of 60. They may receive meals short term, while recovering from an illness or surgery, or long term, to assist them while they remain safely and independently in their homes. The services we provide help ensure the continued health and well-being of over 1,800 elderly and homebound citizens in our community.