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Petersburg bill extension ends Tuesday night as another bill is due March 31

Posted at 6:57 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 18:57:37-04

PETERSBURG, Va. -- In Petersburg, Tuesday March 15, was the extension deadline for Petersburg home and business owners to pay their utility bills and personal property tax.

The day was marked with a steady stream of people like Debi Hinton, who said she was frustrated with all the billing issues. "The water bill problem has been such a problem," she said while making her way to the water department.

Alvita Williams

Alvita Williams

Alvita Williams arrived to pay her $82.00 bill and was surprised when the clerk told her she owed $124.

"I said no my bill says $82.  I said that's crazy, I'm not paying $124. But they let me pay $82 though," she said while walking to her car.

Many residents said they still have concerns about the utility bill scheduled to be mailed out in April.

City Treasurer Kevin Brown said the steady stream of residents has meant a steady stream of money coming into the city.

Bill deadline

"We've got about $4 million dollars in thus far," he said.

The next bill due, is Real Estate Tax with a deadline of March 31.

Brown said "We've sent out about $6 million dollars in real estate bill."

Petersburg is also owed about $8 million dollars in delinquent taxes and the city is now going to go after those people, first by putting their names in the local paper.

Brown added the city is also working with a company to collect the delinquent taxes of people who owe about $1800 or more by having the company help residents finance their bill to make it current.

"They won't have a payment until next September with us but they will have a smaller monthly payment with the company," he said.