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Drivers question why Henrico road project is taking so long

Posted at 6:34 PM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-09 18:34:44-05

HENRICO, Va. -- A viewer contacted CBS 6 about road construction in Henrico’s East End that has been causing traffic problems for months. They also said they haven't seen anyone working on this intersection for weeks.

Al Harris said he is "very frustrated” by the rate of progress on the project.

Work began on September 8 – in 2015.

“I come through here probably three or four times a week and there's nothing ever going on over here,” said driver Eddie Wharton.

And that's a concern for many who travel through the Laburnum - Darbytown intersection.

"I haven't seen a crew there in a while, to be honest with you, cones are still there but no crew,” said Michael Brown.

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"Every time I come to work, no one’s out there,” Harris said.

Others said the delays are bad due to traffic flow being restricted. They said it’s backed up every afternoon and sometimes in the morning.

"Get it fixed, so they'll get away, so the cones will be gone when we come into work,” Harris said.

This project is one of six in Henrico County that are designed to improve the safety of the intersection.

County officials said the reason work stopped here on the project on December 2, (though the stretch around Christmas was quite warm) and that the reason why is simple. They said winter temperatures shut it down, along with snow as late as just last week.

They said now that there are warmer temperatures they hope to have the project back on track within the next two weeks.

The company in charge of the project said they expect it to be wrapped up in about three months