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Henrico County Board Supervisors approve rezoning plan near Three Chopt Elem.

Posted at 9:35 PM, Mar 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 23:44:18-05

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Henrico County Board Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the rezoning of land near Three Chopt Elementary School, which helps clear the way for Henrico Doctors' Hospital to expand into an undeveloped area near the school and a neighborhood.

The Henrico Planning Commission previously voted unanimously in favor of the rezoning last month. HCA Virginia, the owner of Henrico Doctors' Hospital, said it wanted to build a new four-story cancer center with related offices in the back wooded lot of Three Chopt Elementary that would also impact several neighbors on nearby Woodley Road and Parkline Drive.

At the meeting neighbors voiced their concerns about encroaching on the school and neighborhoods and that the center would cause their property values to fall. Others spoke out against the decision after the board approved the rezoning.

"Were horrified and were still angry," said one woman against the agreement. "Their pockets are so deep and the corner of Three Chopt and Forest has a business park in it where the buildings are half empty. I don't understand why they couldn't purchase some property over there."

On the other side, those who support the cancer center say this will be a great thing for the area.

"I desperately need this center and I need it for the thousands of people in this county, and that's where we treat, the number one barrier to cancer care is not money, it's proximity to care," said one supporter.

Doctors Hospital expansion

Innsbrook expansion approved 

Henrico County Board Supervisors also voted to approve an expansion for Innsbrook After Hours, an outdoor concert series in western Henrico. The expansion will increase the outdoor venue's capacity from 6,500 to 8,500 and allow shows to end at 10 p.m. on non-school nights, a half hour longer than current permits allow.

This year’s concert series begins in May and will host more than 24 shows.