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Wanted sex predator nesting in Chesterfield flees U.S. Marshals

Posted at 6:34 PM, Mar 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-04 18:41:34-05

CHESTERFIELD, Va. – A fugitive with ties to Chesterfield County was recently seen off Iron Horse court in Meadowbrook Farms.

Robert Martin, age 25, is wanted for a probation violation out of Polk County, Florida, on a child abuse conviction, and one for exposure.

"We work the worst of the worst in Richmond and nationwide,” said U.S. Marshal Kevin Connolly. “Somebody like this needs to be captured. We work all cases that deal with crimes against children."

The feds said Martin was last seen Friday of last week, but they were unable to arrest him in time.

From his Chesterfield home Martin's sister confirmed she last saw her brother a week ago.

That's also the last time the U.S. Marshal Task Force Members had brief contact with him.

"One of our task force officers was conducting surveillance on the house last Friday until the rest of the team could catch up and Mr. Martin must've gotten a call from his probation officer that he was in violation because he came out of the house and took off down the street,” Connolly explained.

The agent was able to stop the car but the feds said that Martin took off on foot.

"We understand that he exposed himself to a 16 year old child in that state...convicted of that and put on probation,” Connolly said. “He has also been arrested and convicted of similar crimes by VCU and Richmond police."

People living close by said they never knew anything about charges or probation violations.

"Actually surprised! You never expect a neighbor to have a history and be on the run,” said next door neighbor Tianna Mosby.

If you know where Martin is, call Crime Solvers, (804) 748-0660 or the U.S. Marsha’s at 1-877-WANTED-2.