Warm weather returns for the weekend

Posted at 3:03 PM, Feb 18, 2016

RICHMOND, Va. -- The exit of the arctic air earlier in the week allowed highs to get back into the 50s on Tuesday and Wednesday.  A brief shot of cold air returned early Thursday and will linger into early Friday.  Highs Friday afternoon will be in the 45° to 50° range.


As high pressure moves south of our area, southwesterly winds will bring much warmer air into the region for Saturday and Sunday.  Highs in most areas will break 60°, and some locations will reach the upper 60s.  Localized 70° readings are possible.

A system will move through late Sunday into Monday, and this will cool things a little for Monday, but bring in colder weather for Tuesday.  This may be cold enough for our next storm system, which will move through the area Tuesday through early Thursday, to have some wintry weather with it for brief periods.  As of now, the majority of the precipitation for central Virginia looks to be just rain.  There could be some wintry mix at the start and some light snow at the end, but temperatures appear too warm for the bulk of the precipitation to be frozen.

But in the meantime, we should string together at least two days in the 60s, something that hasn't happened in a couple of weeks.  If we do not cool down too much on Monday, it may be the warmest streak since the end of December.