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Richmond mom launches new line of breastfeeding-friendly clothes

Posted at 9:45 AM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 09:45:13-05

RICHMOND, Va. — A mom-focused local startup’s latest product is coming to term. Latched Mama, founded in 2014 by Melissa Wirt, plans to launch a new line of plus-sized, breastfeeding-friendly clothes for new moms in May. The five-product line will include t-shirts, dresses, work appropriate tops, and a lightweight hoodie.

“After a year of being in business, we discovered there was a need,” Wirt said. “It will enable us to support more moms on their breast feeding journey.”

Wirt, a former Ryan Homes sales and marketing rep, started Latched Mama by selling t-shirts and dresses out of the back of a minivan. She had the idea for the company after having her second child.

“I was kind of inspired by the whole support other moms thing,” she said. “Breastfeeding is a natural thing but it can be difficult and hard sometimes. There’s not a lot of support.”

Wirt, 34, said there are not a lot of options for clothes that make it easier to breastfeed, a problem she faced herself.

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