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Police Officer steps up to babysit restless toddler outside traffic court

Posted at 8:33 AM, Feb 03, 2016

OREM, Utah -- The police officers mantra is to protect and serve. Utah Police Officer Kevin Norris did just that -- and then some. Officer Norris was waiting to testify for traffic court when he saw two-year-old Abi being “very active” with her father outside the courtroom.

"I’ve got kids myself, boy I know what it is to have rambunctious kids, ya know and it’s hard to take them anywhere,” Officer Norris told KUTV.

When it was time for Abi’s father to go into court, his daughter could not follow him. That's when Officer Norris stepped up and volunteered to babysit.

“He didn’t know what to do, so I took the girl by the hand and walked around. We went and got a drink and took giant steps-baby steps. Kind of the same thing I do with my own kids," Officer Norris said.

Aside from taking the little girl for a walk, Officer Norris pulled out his cellphone and the two watched cartoons. Before Officer Norris knew it, Abi was sound sleep.

"We’re not just officers who are out there just to arrest people," Norris said. "We’re out there to make our community a better place."