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Republicans, Gov. McAuliffe reach ‘historic’ deal to target gun violence

Posted at 6:02 PM, Jan 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 19:19:42-05

RICHMOND, Va. – Republican lawmakers and Governor Terry McAuliffe have reached a deal on what they are calling historic legislation, designed to curb gun violence.

The deal also overturns the attorney general`s recent ruling on concealed handgun permits.

The deal will require domestic violence offenders under permanent protective orders to surrender their guns.

"Individuals who are subject to a permanent protective order will now be required to relinquish all firearms under their possession with in 24 hours or they now will face a class 6 felony," said McAuliffe at Friday's announcement.

It also calls for state police to be at gun shows to perform background checks for dealers who request them.

The deal will also keep alive a state policy which recognizes concealed handgun carry permits from 25 other states, something the attorney general recently said he was going to get rid of.

"I believe the Governor does think this is not a bad thing, we simply believe that it's not enough and that there are other things the can be done that would have made a difference," said Barbara Parker.

"I'm cautiously optimistic, I think this is a step in the right direction but the bills still have to pass," said Republican Senator Amanda Chase, who added that the proposals still aren't law.

“Democrats have led the fight to make Virginia communities safer by keeping guns out of dangerous hands, and this deal moves that goal forward. We commend the Governor for his work to make Virginia communities safer," said Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker. "We also commend Attorney General Herring for his courageous leadership that helped push all sides to the table to reach a consensus. The deal announced today will help keep guns away from domestic abusers and people who cannot pass background checks.”