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Mom’s heartwarming Facebook post thanks flight attendant for calming antsy baby

Posted at 2:28 PM, Dec 31, 2015

A mother took to Facebook to acknowledge how one Southwest flight attendant made her family’s flight home a smooth experience.

Anyone who has flown has likely encountered a fussy child –or two — heck, a fussy adult isn’t uncommon on a flight.

Heather Gooch was flying home from Fort Lauderdale with her husband and 9-month-old son. She said in her Facebook post that it was his first flight, and identified the flight attendant as Anisse.

Dear Southwest, I’m hoping you can share this post so that I can be sure that it finds its way to a very special Southwest flight attendant. All I know about her is that her name is Anisse. Anisse went above and beyond to make sure that the trip went as smoothly as possible.

I have NEVER had a flight attendant as kind and as helpful as she was. My son adored her and kept looking for her as she passed by. At one point, she saw that he was looking for her and getting ancy [antsy] so she came and picked him up and walked up and down the aisle with him while my husband and I ate our lunch. Although this may not be a story that stands out from the rest, I wanted to thank her and let her know how appreciated she is. We so often hear about the negative things going on so I wanted to share this story of a someone who made my trip a little brighter. Please help this get to her!

Heather also contacted Southwest and they were able to get an email to the flight attendant.

“Hopefully she’ll be reading it shortly and will see all of the amazing comments and other stories shared here! Correction, her name was Anissa,” Heather wrote.

A few hours later, Annisa responded on Facebook.

 “Y’all are going to make me cry!!! Lol it was Truly my pleasure and he made MY day!! I needed him more than he wanted me to hang out with! Lol you know, since I can walk and all! Lol I don’t mind being used by the babies lol”
 I tell adults all the time on my flights, children are doing exactly what they are supposed to do….make noise! Lol Think about it, the aircraft is completely boring to them(after takeoff) and there’s nowhere to run! I would honestly rather hear them make noise and even cry than to hear an adult whine! Lolol They have soooooo much to talk about and mom and dad deserve a break!

The whole thread became a feel-good experience.

At  least one more person chimed in with a testimony to Anissa’s awesomeness. Kelley Long DuBach wrote:

Anissa, I highly doubt you would remember us but you were a passenger on your way home on our flight from St. Louis to Orlando and were the nicest flight attendant I have ever encountered (which is a lot and I only fly Southwest Airlines). We had our 14 month old son who was flying for the first time and 7 year old daughter with us and my parents on our way to Disney. You could have just sat in your seat and kept to yourself but instead oodled over our son and made it the best flight! You even handed out some extra snacks. Gabriel was a little squirmy but when he looked back at you had more fun playing peek-a-boo and flirting. I wish all attendants were as naturally nice and caring as you and pray you are on our next flight. God bless.