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Little girl touches Elf on the Shelf, calls 911

Posted at 10:35 AM, Dec 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-24 10:35:35-05

OLD BRIDGE, New Jersey -- A little girl got so worried after she touched the Elf on the Shelf in her New Jersey home, she called 911 to report it. Isabella LaPeruta told WCBS. LaPeruta's mom said the little girl recently watched an Elf on the Shelf movie and learned the number one rule was you cannot touch the elf or he will lose his Christmas magic.

So when Isabella picked up her Elf after it had fallen off the shelf, she called 911 for help.

"She thought she killed the elf and Santa would be upset and Santa wouldn't come," Isabelle's mom Lynanne said.

911 dispatch: 911. Where is your emergency? 911. Hello?
Isabella: It's Isabella.
911 dispatch:  Hi, hi Isabella. Why are you calling 911?
Isabella: Don't come to my house. Don't!
911 dispatch: Okay, why did you dial 911 honey?
Isabella: Don't come to my house. Ok!
911 dispatch: Ok were you accidentally calling 911 and made a mistake?
Isabella: Yes, I was trying to call my dad, but I called you on accident.
911 dispatch: Ok mistakes happen honey, you can just say you made a mistake, ok?
Isabelle: I was nervous. I was very scared. I thought Santa wasn't going to come.

When a police officer responded to the home to make sure everything was okay, he reassured Isabelle Santa would arrive.

"I said don't worry everything is okay it was an accident don't worry Santa will still come," Lt. Joseph Mandola said.

Isabelle's parents said they were impressed their daughter knew to call 911 in an emergency.