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3 sickened after eating marijuana-laced brownies from teachers’ lounge

Posted at 12:35 AM, Dec 13, 2015

HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Police in a township in Michigan want to know who left pot brownies in the teacher's lounge of Spring Mills Elementary School.

“We tested the brownie and it was positive for marijuana, cannabis." Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchardtold WJBK.

The surprise dessert appeared Tuesday and three teachers who ate the brownies said they felt slightly ill.


Teachers' Lounge

But one of the teachers became so sick after school she was transported to an area hospital.

Doctors asked the teacher if there had been "anything unusual" about her day. She said that she had sampled a "free treat" in the teacher's lounge from a pan of brownies.

"She was hospitalized and a couple others also tasted it,” Bouchard said. “They were sickened but maybe did not eat the same number of brownies. Maybe not the same amount."

One parent was stunned by the news.


Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard

"I'm glad a child didn't get to them and consume them,” Kate Lloyd said. “Being a parent myself, I would be afraid for my child."

The big question investigators want to know is if a student or an adult slipped the marijuana brownies inside the teacher's lounge.

"I can't believe somebody did this without telling somebody else,” Bouchard said. “So if you know who did this, understand that someone was sickened and sent to the hospital so that's the type of information we need to get so that we can make sure that this person doesn't do it again."

It is a felony to fool with food when as adding a narcotic.