The thoughtful flowers moved her to tears, then she learned about the real surprise

Posted at 7:46 AM, Dec 10, 2015

RICHMOND, Va. -- When Shelby Brown heard about all that Ms. Quarles does for the community, she knew she would like to honor the woman as part of the CBS 6 Month of Giving.  All month long, the CBS 6 news team will be in the community, helping people through random acts of kindness. We hope those who are helped will then be inspired to pay it forward. If you've been inspired to pay it forward, click here to share your story.

Shelby first approached Ms. Quarles ' home carrying Poinsettia.

"It's December and it's our Month of Giving. We're going around town blessing some people," Shelby said when Ms. Quarles answered the door.

"No you're not," she replied.

"Yes we are!" Shelby continued. "I heard about you Ms. Quarles . We found out about all the work you do a t church and helping with the Girl Scouts and all those families that need it. So we want to bless you on this Month of Giving and say to you Merry Christmas."

The thoughtful flowers and kind words were enough to move Ms. Quarles to tears. But Shelby was not done spreading Christmas cheer. She then introduced a man from Woodfin who was there to fill Ms. Quarles heating oil tank -- for free.

"The company was so great to work with us on providing her more than 100 gallons of free heating oil for her home," Shelby shared. "When I contacted them, I only contacted them to ask if I could purchase the oil from them and have a truck go with me to her home. Woodfin was so excited to be a part of it, that the owners decided they would pitch in and help as well. We thought that we would be splitting the cost with the company, but when we went to pay, their marketing representative and the owner of the company would not allow it."

"This is a surprise. I thank you so much," Ms. Quarles said. "Y'all just made me cry."

"My heart was overjoyed," Sheby added. "When I showed up at our recipient's door and she started crying, it was very difficult for me to keep it together as well."

"It was a well deserved gift and I am so grateful that our station and Woodfin heating allowed me to be able to help someone in this way!" Shelby continued. "To tell the truth, I think I'm still on cloud nine from seeing what joy this brought to her life!"

WTVR CBS 6 has partnered with Union Bank & Trust for the Month of Giving.