Zach went in to pay for a family’s meal, but ended up making a server’s day

Posted at 8:17 AM, Dec 03, 2015

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- When the Lapaz family sat down for dinner at Denny's recently, they expected -- as always -- to pick up their own tab. But this night, that did not happen. As part of the CBS 6 Month of Giving, chief meteorologist Zach Daniel got inspired as he drove down West Broad Street.

"We looked over to Denny's and saw a family sitting there, so I'm going to head inside and see if we can make their night for them," Zach said before walking into the Henrico restaurant.

After he introduced himself to the family, Zach explained the CBS 6 Month of Giving.

"We're going out into the community and doing something nice for somebody each day," Zach said. "I saw you guys eating and I thought 'I'm going to pick up the check.'"

All month long, members of the CBS 6 news team will be in the community, helping people through random acts of kindness. We hope those we help will then be inspired to pay it forward. If you've been inspired to pay it forward, click here to share your story. After posing for pictures with the appreciative family, Zach provided another surprise for the woman serving the meal that night.

"I went ahead and I just rounded up and that's your tip," he told the server while looking at the bill. Rounding up equaled a 30 percent tip for the deserving server.

Once she realized she would be on the news, the grateful server opened up about her story and her struggle.

"It is hard work," she said. "I work two jobs. I'm a security officer and Denny's. It is hard work, but I love my job and I got to do what I do for my son. Thank y'all."

WTVR CBS 6 has partnered with Union Bank & Trust for the Month of Giving.