How Candace Burns helped one woman keep her family warm this winter

Posted at 7:48 AM, Dec 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-02 06:52:14-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- This December, CBS 6 is celebrating a Month of Giving. All month long, members of the CBS 6 news team will be in the community helping people through random acts of kindness. We hope the people we help will then be inspired to pay it forward. Recently, Candace Burns visited a Richmond-area Walmart where she met a woman in the check out line.

"Is it okay if I pay for your stuff for you today?" Candace asked the woman.

"Yes," she nodded with a look of confusion that quickly turned into one of joy. "I would love that."

"The reason we're doing this," Candace explained, "we are having a Month of Giving and we want to go out and surprise people and give them a gift."

"We just hope that maybe it will inspire you to share with someone else one day," Candace continued.

Among the items Candace paid for was a winter coat the woman planned to buy for the child who was waiting with her in the Walmart line.