College student: Surveillance cam caught apartment thieves — and I know who they are

Posted at 10:28 PM, Dec 01, 2015

PETERSBURG, Va. -- A Petersburg college student's home was ransacked, his computer was stolen and his refrigerator was wiped clean just days before Thanksgiving.

It was all caught on camera while police were just a few feet away.

Octavis Henry said Petersburg Police were next door answering a neighbor’s alarm call as the thieves wiped him out.

He pointed to a surveillance video he obtained from a house across the street and pointedly excitedly.


Octavis Henry

"See them with bags? Police are right next door," he said. "All my clothes, jewelry, and laptop, which is my most valuable item because I'm a student."

Henry said while doing that, they must've worked up an appetite.

"They went grocery shopping," he said about his fridge and freezer being emptied.

Watching the video, Henry continues to explain what we are seeing.


Surveillance video

"They ransack my house: you see them carry bags back to their mother’s house which came from my apartment," he said.

Henry believes the two men seen on video are his neighbors.

Petersburg Police have a copy and said they are investigating.

"The tape clearly shows them coming from 406 to my unit and they did this because they saw me leave," Henry said.

A struggling college student from California, the Virginia State University sophomore said this is not what he expected when he decided to move off-campus.

Henry is now borrowing his landlord’s laptop to catch-up with school.

If you can help police with their investigation, call 804-861-1212.