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The scary find vet made inside tummy of ‘bundle of energy and love’

Posted at 2:17 PM, Nov 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-27 14:17:19-05


Cathy and Jim Barnard with Boogie

WILLOWBROOK, Texas — A dog is doing well after a bad habit led him into some tricky surgery. The seven-pound Yorkipoo, named Boogie, was taken to the vet with a belly full of hearing aid batteries, KDAF reports.

Owners Jim and Cathy Barnard describe Boogie as “a bundle of energy and love.” But Boogie also tends to chew on things he shouldn’t. Vets at North Houston Veterinary Services already knew the one-year-old for eating too much popcorn.

But this trip was much more complicated.

When the Barnards found a chewed up package of hearing aid batteries with 10 missing, they took Boogie straight to the vet where x-rays showed all 10 batteries in the dog’s belly.


The X-ray.

Vomiting was too risky, according to NHVS’ Dr. Carissa Blair. The positive and negative poles of the batteries could have touched the skin of Boogie’s esophagus, leaving burns.

And that wasn’t the only risk. Stomach fluids that break down food could cause the batteries to release dangerous acids.

Dr. Blair took Boogie into surgery and carefully removed the batteries. He’s back home now and resting comfortably — and hopefully not chewing on anything other than food and dog treats!