The way a driver, passenger touched the heart of an officer who pulled them over

Posted at 7:02 AM, Nov 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-23 07:16:20-05

BENTON COUNTY, Ar -- It was not the usual end to a traffic stop for Detective Chris Kelley.

On Friday, Kelley pulled over a car for a brake light that was out. When he spoke with the driver and passenger of the car, he said they simply appeared not to know about it.

"They were really nice, very polite. It was clear they just didn't know they had an equipment violation on their vehicle, which is not uncommon," Kelley said.

So, he went back to his car, filled out some paperwork, and returned their license and registration. After issuing a warning, he asked them to have the light fixed as soon as possible.

Then, they handed a note to him. On it, the driver and passenger thanked him.

Thank you note

"For putting on the vest. For walking out your front door and leaving your family to protect mine. For saving lives while putting yours in danger. For the job you do daily, thanks," the note read.w

For Kelley, the simple, handwritten note was a big gesture.

"I just told them thank you very much," Kelley said. Whenever I left the car and when I went back to my car and was actually able to read it, that's when it was more touching."

"We don't get thank yous very much," Kelley said. "Not every encounter we have with the public is pleasant, and it just really means a lot to the heart to know that people still do support us and they support us for what we have to do."

Kelley has been with the Benton County Sheriff's Office for seven years, according to KFSM.