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One Direction performs outdoor concert; gets big surprise by Rebel Wilson on Ellen

Posted at 2:43 PM, Nov 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-18 14:43:49-05

Super Star boy band One Direction joins “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for an exclusive outdoor concert on the Warner Bros. lot on Wednesday.

The boys perform “Perfect” and “Drag Me Down” from their latest album “Made in the A.M.” and in between songs, Ellen asks the band “Raise your hand if any of you are single?”

The group also talks about Zane’s departure from the band, taking the next year off and they play a hilarious game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with Ellen.

Plus, the boys get a surprise from their number one fan Rebel Wilson who joins the show to share the exclusive trailer debut for her new film, “How To Be Single”. Rebel tells Ellen, since the boys are single and she is single, its a perfect match!


Rebel Wilson

On Zayn Leaving One Direction…

Ellen: Since the last time you were here. Now the entire group fits on the couch.

Harry: We fit on the couch.

Liam: Just about. Snug.

Louis: Practical ya know?

Ellen: See that’s why it happened probably. He was like maybe I’m gonna take off because they would fit on the couch better. Now did you know that Zayn leaving would be the story that it became like such a huge story?

Harry: um yeah.

Liam: Yes I mean. Yeah.

Ellen: I mean it’s a big story.

Louis: Yeah. Huge.

Ellen: Did you know for a while did he he talk about it for a while that he was leaving.

Louis: I think we kind of had a feeling. Ya know. Yeah. I don’t really know.

Ellen: yeah. Have you talked to him since he’s been gone? No. yes.

Liam: Yeah a couple times.

Ellen: He’s doing ok?

Liam: Yeah he’s good.

Ellen: Are you lying?

Liam: No, genuine.

Ellen: Why are you laughing then?

Harry: Because you can cut the tension in here.

Ellen: Well they’re just questions.

Harry: Let’s make some jokes.


One Direction